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Solar lantern is a simple affordable non-polluting and might be called as poor man’s lighting system. Solar lantern can save precious fuel kerosene, which is used to power the poor people’s house for which they have to wait for the monthly quota in ration line or buy from black market for higher price. Solar lantern is brighter than those conventional lamps. Solar lantern does not hurt or burn people pocket. Now a days LED is used instead of CFL in this type of lamps. Solar lantern can give light up to 12 to 18 hours a day if properly maintained. Solar lantern is totally maintenance free and it has lifetime of 50000 hours.


* 3 and 6 w LED (1w x 6 No.) * 6w LED Lumina = 25 w CFL * Compact in size, * Use any where, *Past solar charging, *Over charging production, * Deep discharging protection, * Light weight, * Log durability, *Handle for carry, * Attractive models, *Portable Bright lighting, * Life time 35000 working hours, * 7 meter cable. *ISO: 9001 -2015 Certified product.* Dimmer options.

Solar lantern LED W LED W
Power 3 w. 6 w.
Charging source solar 5 w solar 10 w
Input and output DC DC
Efficiency 95% 95%
Battery 4.5 AH with 6 V 7 AH with 12 V
Power Back-up 7 hours 6 hours
Switch Control auto/manual auto/manual
Control PWM PWM
Light brightness equal to 15 w CFL 25 w CFL
LED working life time 35000 hours 35000 hours
Lumen 375-400 lm 780-800 lm

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